Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stopping at Arlington OH

We are traveling with our friends, Al and Carol, for the weekend, stopped in at Arlington, OH to see a fellow FAA Air Traffic Automation guy, Bob and his wife Mary Beth.  We had a good time talking "shop" and how we could run the FAA better.....  Well, I still talk about it, Al has been retired longer and has forgotten everything he knew.  

We pulled up to Bob's house, on a two lane rural highway, and had to disconnect in traffic, well not much traffic, but enough for me to get out and direct, while Al figured out how to get us parked.  A State Trouper showed up to help us out, and I told him we had just unhooked and getting ready to pull into the driveway.  He said he'd take care of traffic for me.  Then he walked around the side of mine and said, "Oh crap there's two of you!"  He was a nice guy and we got out of the road quick.
Smitty, Bob, and Al at the FAA Office

Bob fixed us a great dinner, since we'd been on the road for a whole hour from Toledo and were just wasting away.  But I learned a new dessert recipe:

Twinkie Pie
Take Twinkies and split length wise to line the bottom of oblong cake pan
Top that with vanilla pudding (I'd use sugar free, but that might not be fitting for the title of this dessert)
Then sliced bananas, and sliced strawberries
A layer of Cool-whip and you're in heaven!

That was a great dinner and dessert on a hot day in Ohio, thanks Bob for your hospitality. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day in Toledo OH

Before our treck across the country, we had to go east for a little to say bye to the relatives in Toledo.  We are traveling with our friends (Al and Carol) from the Chicago area to visit Sandy's sister, Denise and Kerby at the "Ponderosa".  Well, this weekend it's called "Lake Ponderosa", they've gotten a hell of a lot of rain!  

I caught a few rays of sunshine and waxed parts of my coach, and polished three of my wheels.  I look kind of funny on the road now with one ugly wheel, but I've got three bright mirrors you could shave from!  I bought a wheel kit form a vendor at the Perry FMCA spring rally and this was the first chance I'd had to try it out.  It works great!  But, you know, they only charge $15 to $20 a wheel at the rally to do it for you, and they can whip it right out, so you don't have to travel down the road with one ugly wheel....

Al had a great time with Kerby going through his junk in the barn and they both got an old 1930 tractor started, so they were happy.  It makes Al want to dig through his barn now, to get his old tractor going.  

It's always an adventure at Sandy's brother's house, Wayne and Karen, to see what techno-geek things Wayne has cooked up.  Well, his daughter wanted to rent a photo-booth for her wedding reception, and after Wayne saw the prices, he figured he could make one.  It's all finished and it's a beauty!   Very professional job, and he's thinking of going into a side business.   Al also got to see Wayne's collection of video game consoles and slot machines.  Now Al has to go home to get his dusty slot machine out of the barn and tuned up.  Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.........  Al got Wayne all fired up about the Ted5000, now Wayne says he's going to have to build the Wayne10,000, Karen's real excited about that!

It was a good weekend of food and drinks, and of course the girls got to go shopping.  Thanks Kerby for letting us invade your sacred barn (mancave).