Friday, February 8, 2013

South America cruise

Second day
This is the end of the second day,  I'm disappointed with how things have gone so far, but will withhold final judgment for a few more days.  Boarding was hectic, but then it usually  is with 3200 people trying  to get on.  We are in a priority group, but come to find out, half of  the boat is in the same group, so I didn't feel  too special this time.   But we are going around South America!   Forty Eight days and 17 ports of call!
We were parked next to the Queen Mary
This ship is too large for  the Panama Canal, so we have to  go around.  It was based in Long Beach and  doing the Mexico cruises, but with all the violence down there, no one wants to travel there any more.  So they are pulling out and going to base it in NYC, and that's where we are heading, the  Big Apple.  Going to pay our  respects to the Twin Towers.
Watching the Super Bowl with a few thousand friends.....
Tonights show was a Hypnotist, who we had seen on the Australia cruise.  He has a family show, and an adult show,  both are very good.  You'd never  catch me up there!  
It is  our goal this  time  to maintain our weight, so we've  been doing a  lot of  walking, and stair climbing today.  Sandy got  20,000 steps today!  I think that  is one for the record books, for us.  It's going to be hard to resist all those deserts the next 7 weeks, but the friends we are traveling with have the same goals.  All I can say is,  we'll be doing a lot of  stairs!

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